Exterior Painters in Eugene Oregonexterior painters eugene oregon

We are the premier interior and exterior painters Eugene Oregon who provide residential and commercial services. A project will be planned around any weather conditions that could restrict our efforts to professionally complete a job. Fresh paint is affected by heat, humidity and severely cold weather conditions. The exterior paint jobs must be completed during the optimal months of the year. We protect the interests of our customers and only do very superior work. Our painters are meticulous workers who provide the highest quality of services.

Exterior Painting

We will paint the exterior of a home and never leave a mess in the work area. The surfaces are prepared to encourage a longer lasting paint job. The porch ceilings will be carefully scraped and then painted. We will not let any paint splatter on the walls or on the porch. Your bushes and shrubs will also be protected. We will stain or paint your fences and decks. A stain will protect and enhance the appearance of the wood.

Interior Painting

Interior projects are less restricted by weather conditions. Rain will not directly affect the painted surface but will increase the level of humidity in the air, which will affect the drying time for the paint. Our painters specialize in very detailed work and will carefully paint ceilings and molding without getting paint on the floor, carpet or furniture. We will paint walls and cabinets. The hinges, handles and hardware will be protected. Our painters will suggest an appropriate paint for staircases and handrails, which will be painted without inconveniencing your family.

Commercial Painting

Our services for commercial painting are designed for the quick completion of a project that may interfere with normal business operations. We will paint the interior and exterior of buildings with a schedule that has been approved by management. Our painters will not block walkways unless the action has been approved. The ceilings, walls and staircases will be painted with a high quality paint that will last for several years.

Our Painters

Our painters are skilled professionals who place high value on superior workmanship. We respect the wishes of our customers and protect their personal property. The jobs are planned and completed with phases that are designed to cause a minimum amount of inconvenience for the customers. We want our customers to be pleased with our work and to use the services of the exterior painters Eugene Oregon again.